Molok is now streamable

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Molok is now available to stream on Spotify. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can stream the album on Visions.De by following this link.



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Norwegian Art-rock progressive outfit Gazpacho are set to release their brand new studio album ‘Molok’ through Kscope on 23rd October 2015.      ‘Molok’ the follow up to their acclaimed 2014 album Demon sees the band continue to push the boundaries for creating the most complicated and strangest concepts for a record while simultaneously becoming the first band ever who …


Molok 2015 Tour with Iamthemorning!

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Gather ye rosebuds. As some of you may have observed we are touring this Oct/Nov and here, is the tour poster with the dates and locations. This is the gig you really don’t want to miss as we’ll be playing “Death Room” which in itself is such a challenge to pull off that if we make it it’ll be fantastic …

Live Albums

Live DVD/CD Pre-order

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Night Of The Demon is Gazpacho’s third live release and was filmed during the Demon album tour in Spring 2014. Filmed by Jon Vis at Boerderij in Zoetmeer, Holland, the album showcases the band’s at its most raw and honest playing songs from across their catalogue. The audio 80 minute CD features 9 tracks, while the DVD features the full …


Which button is “make concept album masterpiece”?

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Time Travel Because that what it really is. For the first time in years I have actually listened to the entire back catalogue of gazpacho starting with bravo and moving on from there. Why do I subject myself to these trials you wonder? Of course, as always, it is for you beautiful friends. Kscope have announced that all of the …

Kscope Podcast 49

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Featuring music from Gazpacho and an interview with Thomas Andersen discussing the new album ‘Demon’. Also features classic tracks from The Pineapple Thief, and Anathema

New album ‘Demon’ out now!

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Happy Monday and happy release everyone. This is the day when we bite our nails and stare moodily into our dry martinis thinking all the happy thoughts we can summon. The Demon is loose across the world and we hope he will leave his mark. For those blessed souls among you that actually went ahead and bought the album (again, …

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The Cage

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The sharper observers among you all may have noticed that there is a bonus track called “The Cage” which will be available on some of the releases of our new album Demon. I have decided to come clean and tell you what that is all about. While Demon itself was merrily brewing in our studio we wanted to include a …


Fun Facts about Gazpacho

Gazpacho Music

As we finish off the new album which has now been given the title “Demon”, I thought we could entertain ourselves with some fun, lesser known facts about gazpachos. Here are some things that might surprise you. Jan is an avid fly fisherman and refuses playing gigs in the Norwegian salmon fishing season. Jon is a business development manager for …