Foreword on ‘Night’ by Gazpacho, 2007

Clocking in at 53 minutes, titled “Night”, this is our first true concept album where initially it’s one song split into 5 parts.

We are extremely proud of the result and believe this to be our best album to date (isn’t that what they all say… well we mean it… isn’t that what they all say as well… well… I give up). “Night” is a musical description of a dream or a stream of conciousness. It explores the question of where dreams end and reality begins and the mind as the tool that has to decide what to believe. The character goes through various memories real and imagined and sees the world from the angles of different people. He travels through time and visits places across the world including old New Orleans and Ancient woods with Pagan rituals being performed. Night is about life and the various ways of interpreting existence. Pretentious? Oh yes but delicious as well… very delicious.

For anyone interested in recording we have used over 200 tracks in our recording studio and over a thousand sound files have been recorded. So, a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into the making of the album.

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Release Date

February 2007


Dream of Stone
Chequered Light Buildings
Upside Down
Valerie’s Friend
Massive Illusion


“…The sound is beautifully dragging, and enchanting. Hypnotising. It guides me into the night, into a sort of trance.”
“…Haunting, ethereal, uplifting, melancholic, powerful and complete, Gazpacho’s Night is a dish to be savoured, where every mouthful of glorious noise is another nuance to experience. “
PBS 106.7FM
“Gazpacho is absolutely deserving of much more praise and attention than they get. Four albums in and they’re just getting better.”
“…If the music you listen to is an intrinsic part of you, and forms the soundtrack to your life, as my music seems to for me, then you need to have “Night” as part of you” PROGARCHIVES