Lars leaves Gazpacho

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Yes, it is true. After a relationship, long tormented by shouting matches, fistfights, tearful “you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up” phone calls. Followed by long walks in the rain making up and planning a future together with a villa in the suburbs and a huge pill addiction, Lars has left Gazpacho to pursue his dream … Read More

Mid summer Prog Festival 2017

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As you may see we will be doing a show this summer and you should all come and see it! What a chance to watch Norwegians wearing nothing but studio tans and socks (in the fashion of the red hot chilis), playing some great tunes and rocking away. Not to mention some other of our favourite bands. Update on new … Read More

Ticket links for the only gigs this year!

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Yes, only 2 concerts this year, but this has to do with prioritising the making of our album nr. 10. Anyhow, this is not only just going to be a gig, it’s a revisit of our back catalogue and a performance of what many fans call our classic – “Night” in it’s entirety. Hope to see your there! Norway – … Read More

Tick Tock’s history

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Back in the day, we met at the studio to do a bit of jamming. I think it was around Easter and we all really wanted to have something to mull over during the Easter holidays to keep the old brain busy. Having it get carried away with something on its own rarely does anyone any good really does it? … Read More

Wishing you a very merry Christmas

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And so the year comes to an end yet again gliding into port like a black limousine under the cold stare of the merciless stars and a dead moon. In other words darlings Christmas is coming up and I still haven’t managed to procure all the presents required and the nerves are showing. I hope you’ve all managed to to … Read More


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Looking beyond the odd tabloid news, reviews have been popping in all directions. Briefly put, we’re overwhelmed with the response out there. Have a look for your self at some of these.  The prog mind, The prog report, Treble Zine,  Pop Matters, Markus HMetal blog, Progarchy , Dark Entries, DPRP,, Sea of Tranquility – we’re even featured in physics world (no link … Read More

Want to know more about Molok?

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A recent nterview was conducted on tour with Thomas with Echoes and Dust. Read it here – Echoes and Dust Interview. We can also mention that Gazpacho is officially 16th in the BBC radio1 charts (official charts) in Week 40.

Molok (for dummies)

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I thought it might be good to collect some of the thoughts we have about the album and post them here to spare you all the embarrassment and bother of overlooking an interview here or there and missing out on some of the chunkier nuggets of info. So here they are. Molok is a concept album that follows a story … Read More

Molok is now streamable

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Molok is now available to stream on Spotify. If you don’t have a Spotify account, you can stream the album on Visions.De by following this link.