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While you have been gorging yourselves on the magnificent art of Mr. Antonio Seijas we have been putting the finishing touches to our latest offering to Apollo, our new album Molok. It was mixed in Sweden by Mr. Daniel Bergstrand who has given it edge and after that hand mastered by Mr. Thor Legvold at Sonovo. Featuring one of the strongest concepts yet, it is 44 ish minutes of new original music and it is a dark and beautiful journey. I’ll come back to the concept in a later post here.

This is just a sign of life to let you know that we’re all ok and still alive. I assume you have all been worried about us. Have we been eating our vegetables, modifying our drinking and catching the rare rays of sun that manage to penetrate the Nordic dark? Well yes we have. We’re tanned, happy and brimming with organic produce and in my case plenty of fresh crab. Wonder what my prawns will make of that? Are they friendly with the crabs or are things between them complicated?

Anyway, we’ll be back soon with lots of really exciting stuff. Now it’s back to the debates on the set list for our little tour which I really hope you’ll all come see. I’m going to all of them myself! You should too!

May oysters be your world.

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