“New” Drummer announced


As was mentioned in an earlier communique we have been harbouring and indeed working with an old friend who has been brutally damaging the drums for our new album. Not just the drums themselves but with his level of power some eardrums and even redrums were damaged in the process. You see my loves, fate, while a scary mistress, can sometimes offer the best …possible solution for everyone in ways only understood by that goddess herself. After Lars, we were in a bit of a bind as it was generally agreed upon in the band that a drummer is an integral part of a rock group. Especially, if one wants some sort of rhythm they really come in handy as that is kind of what they do. So, enter the new or should I say old drummer Mr. Robert Johansen known to many of you as the drummer on Welg, Firebird, Night and Tick Tock!

After what might be called an indulgent paternity leave lasting nine years, he recently moved back to Norway with his beautiful wife and daughter and set up shop an hour and a half north of Oslo.

We were in touch with him and he graciously accepted his old position as the boss of the Gazpacho drum department. Below you should see some pics or a movie or both from the session completed in November where he recorded the drums for the Soyuz album which is being mixed right now. Boy have we cooked up a treat for us all with that one.
So without much further ado I hope you will all welcome the man into our circle of beloved friends.

Drumroll please.