Report from the trenches


I hope this finds you all in the very best of health and happiest of times! We are currently finishing the new album and have received some stunning artwork from the master himself Antonio. He has outdone himself this time and as we have a very special concept he has had to change his style quite immensely. Sorry for the late nights Toni!

As for the album itself it is coming along nicely with the usual last minute panic attacks, self doubts and terror.

I believe it will be released early next year, at least I know our deadline which is dictated by our masters at Kscope is 15th of November.

It is a beautiful and extremely dark concept album. As I am sure you are starting to suspect, we have now completely given up writing that happy summer single or cashing in on the disco revival in daft punk style. In fact we have thrown all caution to the wind and have completely disappeared into a very dark universe where a very old being seeks his own death. We expect to sell millions!

I am going to spend my part of the fortune on very warm clothes as I write this in my basement studio which is freezing.

More info soon
Oceans of love