Fireworking at St.Croix (CD)


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CD edition of Gazpacho’s lockdown project Fireworking At St.Croix.

A moody trip into the world of The Fireworker, captured on the 25th October 2020. No fixes, no polishes, no light show, no nothing. Just the pure rendition of the music along with a surprise or two.
CD in digipack.

1. Space Cowboy (at St.Croix)
2. Hourglass (at St.Croix)
3. Fireworker (at St.Croix)
4. Antique (at St.Croix)
5. Sapien (at St.Croix)
6. Substitute For Murder (at St.Croix)
7. The Walk Part I (at St.Croix)
8. The Walk Part II (at St.Croix)
9. Winter Is Never (at St.Croix)