The prawn incident

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I hope you all had beautiful christmas and new years celebrations and that casualties were kept to a minimum.

Happy new year and bless you all.

I thought a small update might be in order so you won’t forget us in this imperfect world of distractions and, I shudder to say, work. The holidays brought lots of beautiful new music, some of which is easily our best work ever. Jan Henrik and I were in the studio on the final day of 2014 and even though it was freezing in there as we had turned the heat off to conserve energy, crazy hippies that we are, he came up with some great tunes and the concept of the new album was developed further. It is very interesting and I can’t wait to fill you all in on that.

Apart from that there was a small Christmas mystery in my fish tank I thought might interest you all. I had bought a bag of ten freshwater prawns and brought them home to liven the place up a bit. For those of you who are not personally close to one let me tell you that they are a lot of fun. Lots of little legs that move really fast as they swim around, looking at them i am always reminded of old hero Rick Wakeman with their leg speed. Widdlying around the tank you know?

The next day my gal and daughter left to visit her parents and I leapt at the chance of spending some time with the prawns, quality time you might say, so I bought myself a trashy dinner and had it in front of the aquarium. But the prawns all disappeared during the viewing session and only returned yesterday over a week later! I only realised what had happened a few days ago and it was this; The meal I had in front of the tank was microwave scampi! As I was enjoying a, bland to be honest, dinner and downing port by the gallons, they saw what to them must have been like an episode of Dexter outside the tank. A horrific scene where this huge monster was masticating their larger cousins from Thailand thinking he was sharing a moment with them.They were wise I think, to retreat to the shadows where they probably spent Christmas planning their escape. We are picking up the pieces of our relationship but it’s slow going.

So far three of them have acknowledged me by a friendly legwiggle but it’s early days and I think it’ll be a long time before Corne and Gerianne (our merch team and friends), will receive an order for 10 demon hoodies size prawn to be delivered to my fish tank if you know what I mean.

It’s a dramatic but beautiful life.

That’s the news for now fellow crustaceans, we are all prawns in the eye of the storm.

Love as always, intense love, and please be happy in 2015. You can do it.

Kisses From Thomas and the Crustacho gang