The Wizard of Altai Mountains film in the making


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Happy Sunday you beautiful people! Here is an update on what we’ve been up to lately.

Over the past few weeks a talented video artist, has been working on a film using The Wizard of Altai Mountains which is the shortest (auto correct went with worst…) track from our new album Demon.

It is made from old 8 mm footage that he has collected over the years and it has become a very moving and fitting film for the song.

The song is about the resilience of children and their ability to create fantasy worlds to defend against the real one.

We have started rehearsing at the headquarters of Norwegian film and it is a surreal location with the foley stages and the fake aeroplane in the back yard. Props and celluloid film reels everywhere and in the middle of this the Gazpacho dudes behind walls of equipment.

We’ve been doing a lot of interviews lately and many of the interviewers ask how we would describe our stuff. What, or who does it sound like etc. I find it is a very difficult question to answer.

What other music do you all listen to? I’d love to know, just to able to say something about the general taste of all you connoisseurs of great music!

Due to popular demand (well one guy), here are some more fun facts about Gazpacho:

Mikael has bought a new violin tailor made to his taste in sound. His old one and by old I mean 1750s old, had too many pints spilled in it at folk gigs. He also told me today that after a gig a little girl came up to him and asked him why he plays a “kid guitar”.

Fido has a girlfriend.

Jon can eat anything and not get sick, this includes raw lobster in a market in Malaysia where it had been lying in the sun for days. He has also had frogs legs boiled in milk. On a date! Happy valentines darling.

Jan Henrik is allergic to a certain type of stage smoke and this has caused him to almost die during early gigs.

Lars Erik is known within the band as his alter ego “The Dusseldorf County Coroner” after events on the Missa Atropos tour in Germany. He also writes the set lists that have become increasingly morbid and almost impossible to decipher.

And to remove any doubt about my nerdiness, I’ll add to the mix that I am a stamp collector, well used to be, and that I own a metal detector. There I said it.

Love to you all as always. We’ll soon post the wizard film so watch this space.