Tick Tock’s history

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Back in the day, we met at the studio to do a bit of jamming. I think it was around Easter and we all really wanted to have something to mull over during the Easter holidays to keep the old brain busy. Having it get carried away with something on its own rarely does anyone any good really does it? Next thing you know you’re knee deep in thoughts of world domination with Adele blaring from the speakers and only the Gods know what you’re wearing. Ordering lattes and growing a beard pretending its “ironic” instead of an instalment to hide the double chin from all the beers you had last month to “get you through the winter”.

Anyway, we invented a groovy repetetive sequenced rhythm using the sound of a bass note (d) from a  hammond organ and went all moody and at the end of the evening the seed of tick tock was born.

It is a great album and one I know many of you poor creatures have been missing out on as it has had a strange story releasewise. So strange that I won’t go into it here. All you need to know is that fate, (and your Norwegian friends) has intervened and it has now been reclaimed by us and the heroes of kscope for re release. We have polished the master a little through Sonovo but the mix is the original recording in all its glory.

For the collectors out there it also features one of the demoes that didn’t make the original album called “Independence day” so if you already have the album you’ll just have to buy it again won’t you?

Come on, you have enough cash. If you can afford the lattes and the beard wax you can buy this. And that applies to all you guys out there too!

We are incredibly proud of this album and often after gigs, a lot of you mention it and “Night” as the highpoint of mid season Gazpacho and the stepping stones towards the later albums “Demon” and “Molok”.  I agree with you even though I love all of them. I am such a big softie I know.

It also has that part that goes:

“Doesn’t everyone have their own walk…. doesn’t everyone have their own walk to walk….”

Just that part alone makes it worth it I think.

Here is the link.


Cha cha cha