We’re off to see the wizard….

kristian SkedsmoBlog


1.Bags packed, check.

2. Passports and stuff, check.

3. Ipod full of Demon and older stuff that we are playing to sneak a few extra listens in, check

4. Equipment discovered and packed from its hibernation in a warehouse in Berlin, check, well sort of, an amp is missing but it’ll turn up.

5. Exorcist booked to “cleanse” the tour bus, check.

6. Looking forward to tour, checkety check check.

7. Album out, check

8. Kscope app updated with lots of demon info and variable for both Android and ios devices, check.

9. All of you darlings buy lots of copies of the album, check (hopefully).

10. Go to http://www.setlist.fm/stats/gazpacho-13d7a165.html to get in the mood for new gigs. Check mate.