Wishing you a very merry Christmas

Jon-Arne VilboUncategorized

And so the year comes to an end yet again gliding into port like a black limousine under the cold stare of the merciless stars and a dead moon.
In other words darlings Christmas is coming up and I still haven’t managed to procure all the presents required and the nerves are showing.


I hope you’ve all managed to to fill the stockings of your loved ones as well as your acquaintances. If not, I, only as a public service announcement, would like to remind you that an obscure bunch of Norwegians named after an Andalusian delicacy, have committed an album to the censors called “Molok” and the reviews claim it is a perfect gift for anyone you know that has a taste for intelligent yet emotional music. No pressure, just sayin, if you know what I mean.

In the spirit of openness I will admit publicly to having cultivated an unhealthy obsession with Abba and recently discovered their “the visitors” album. I think the verse for the song “Cassandra” is as close to perfect pop you can get. I will play it as my second new year song this time after giving Molok rising a spin just to see if the universe might be destroyed this time. Hell let’s all give it spin at midnight. Improve the odds if you know what I mean.

This year the band has seemed to get more attention than ever. We also feel that we have pushed the boundaries of what we┬┤re capable of much further than ever so the pressure is on to top all of our previous albums with the next one. I am sure you all wish us the best of luck with that.

I hope you all take care of other and have the best Christmas yet! Thank you all for the love, enthusiasm and support that you have given us this year. It means more to us than you could possibly know and it is a great incentive to keep making the gazpacho albums. We know that whatever we do, you’ll give it a listen and a fair chance of getting into your playlists and your giving us your time is a great honour.

We raise our glasses of port and drink to you all. May we meet again next year to celebrate our love.

Merry Christmas from all of us gazpachos.