The Cage


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The sharper observers among you all may have noticed that there is a bonus track called “The Cage” which will be available on some of the releases of our new album Demon. I have decided to come clean and tell you what that is all about. While Demon itself was merrily brewing in our studio we wanted to include a … Read More

Fun Facts about Gazpacho



As we finish off the new album which has now been given the title “Demon”, I thought we could entertain ourselves with some fun, lesser known facts about gazpachos. Here are some things that might surprise you. Jan is an avid fly fisherman and refuses playing gigs in the Norwegian salmon fishing season. Jon is a business development manager for … Read More

Report from the trenches


I hope this finds you all in the very best of health and happiest of times! We are currently finishing the new album and have received some stunning artwork from the master himself Antonio. He has outdone himself this time and as we have a very special concept he has had to change his style quite immensely. Sorry for the … Read More