Highly esteemed audience and friends of the cause

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Having compiled a large amount of material to be presented to the band we thought we’d take a trip to the summer house before winter fully sets in to gather some of the magic from the house to spice up what is to become the new album. On the Friday night after work Mikael and I drove out to the … Read More

We’re off to see the wizard….

kristian SkedsmoBlog

Checklist 1.Bags packed, check. 2. Passports and stuff, check. 3. Ipod full of Demon and older stuff that we are playing to sneak a few extra listens in, check 4. Equipment discovered and packed from its hibernation in a warehouse in Berlin, check, well sort of, an amp is missing but it’ll turn up. 5. Exorcist booked to “cleanse” the … Read More

Happy Friday, all!

kristian SkedsmoBlog

Just a few words from sunny(!) Oslo. We are all overwhelmed by the phenomenal reactions the album has received these first 5 days! Thank you so much for the time (and money) invested into listening to, commenting and following what we do. Without you we would have to take up knitting and buy rocking chairs. The thought of which is … Read More

The Wizard of Altai Mountains film in the making


Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 15.26.12

Happy Sunday you beautiful people! Here is an update on what we’ve been up to lately. Over the past few weeks a talented video artist, has been working on a film using The Wizard of Altai Mountains which is the shortest (auto correct went with worst…) track from our new album Demon. It is made from old 8 mm footage … Read More

‘Demon’ Tour Dates and Artwork



Tour dates and artwork. Hi all. I hope the return to work, university or school has been kind after the hedonism of christmas and new years. I always listen to Elvis Presley “American trilogy” and Abbas “happy new year” as the first songs of the year. I wonder what you all listen to? I am very happy to announce that … Read More

A demonic new year!



Greetings to all our friends across the world! We really do love you. Thanks for all the kind words and messages, they were much needed. I hope Christmas was all that you hoped for in the gifts department and that you hope you never see food again. Last week I hoped to gain some sympathy by complaining that Christmas didn’t … Read More